Hello! This is me.

Here’s the fun Get-To-Know-Me. For a professional bio, scroll to the end of this page!

Being a Lawyer/Entrepreneur for Creative Professionals is exactly what you’d think it is like. I’m the person in professional networks everyone wants to know, and nobody wants to be – after all, there is a lot of time and personal effort that goes into being the go-to legal/business expert in an industry that is still finding steadiness in our country!

Luckily, I am obsessed with systems, strategies and solutions, that help me make mine and everyone else’s life easier. I love technology and the potential it has to bring the world closer, personally and professionally.

There aren’t many things that can grow a business the way trust and dependability can – whether it is on the tech you use, or the lawyer/business coach you hire.

I like to believe (and my clients have told me so!) that working with me is getting the best of both worlds – I know the law and I know how to translate it into business returns for you!

I founded Growth Highway Co. in 2020 to bring business + brand coaching to businesses, brands and individuals. Check out what we do here.

Here are some quick facts about me:

  1. I graduated from School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be University). Hated every minute of Law School, until I realised that I can use the knowledge I anyway have in industries I am passionate about – creative economies!
  2. In 2018, I opened an Art Gallery and Cafe (called Bad Habit Art & Cafe) that became too popular too soon – we had to shut it down because we couldn’t handle it. Kidding (almost!). That experience taught me the importance of systems and strategies in running any business. My first foray into entrepreneurship was a failure – just like every other successful entrepreneur’s!
  3. I am obsessed with personal growth and development. I regularly seek out mentors and experts to learn from them and grow better. I am especially interested in learning about personal branding, personal finance, entrepreneurship, passive income, slow life, and sustainability.
  4. I am an advocate of mindful budgeting + spending + living + travelling. Intention and thoughtfulness are a big part of how I try to live my life on a daily basis.
  5. My dog is the love of my life. If you go to my Instagram, you’ll be treated to lots of pictures of him regularly, along with other fun stuff on entrepreneurship, creative economies, business development, legal knowledge, strategy, personal finance, etc.

Professional Bio –

Aruna Chawla is a lawyer/entrepreneur who is passionate about the creative economy. She is a legal advisor and consultant at Art Law India. She also provides independent legal and business consulting to creative professionals. She founded Growth Highway Co. in 2020 to provide strategised and systemised business and influence coaching to businesses, brands and individuals. Her dynamic work experience includes stints at Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights, Carnegie India, and engagements with UNESCO. She has taught various workshops on law for creative professionals. She read law at School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be University). She is based out of Delhi, India.