“The easiest way to change your circumstances is to dedicate your life to helping others change theirs.”

I am a lawyer for creative professionals, supporting them to build a business of abundance. Together, we tackle legal challenges of intellectual property, contractual engagements with clients, business structure set-up, and labour compliances, and business challenges of work-life balance, setting priorities, building a personal brand, negotiation and strategic decision-making. I work exclusively with those looking to go big and make an impact on the world. Read more about my work here.

I have found in my 10+ years of working that the major challenges an entrepreneur faces are less to do with their product and more to do with their outlook and personality. I have helped my clients build a business-oriented mindset and personality, and this has shown measurable results in their professional as well as personal life. Working with people who want to go big in life and business, I coach individuals on unlocking, activating and achieving their potential using tested and result-oriented strategies.

I work one-on-one with private clients (online and offline) and host masterclasses for companies that are committed to ensuring value and growth for their employees.

My understanding of human and market behaviour developed due to my commitment to improving my personality. In the last 11 years, the strategies and systems I developed for myself have also enabled me to provide tailored solutions to challenges faced by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be and help them lead a purposeful life.

You can write to me at arunachawla (dot) outlook (dot) com to know more about how I can help you build a life and business of intention, find out more about what I am working on, or just say hi!

I read law at School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

I’m based out of Delhi, India.